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If Harry were to stop and think about it, Remus is sure he would realise James was not Lily's first and only boyfriend. If that day comes, he's prepared to answer the boy's questions.

It was only a teenage flirtation, really, nothing very serious. And when, aged seventeen, Remus realised James was in love, and Lily was too, he stepped aside readily and let them find each other.

He thought James could give her a better life. He was rich, and more importantly, he wasn't a werewolf.

Merlin, but Remus regrets that now. Even life with a werewolf would have been better than no life at all…


The Marquis had come to claim his debts.

"My Lady, I believe when we began this enterprise, there was talk of a really big favour. I'm afraid the price has just gone up. My life does not come cheap, and it's going to cost me dear to replace it. You owe me."

Door just looked and sounded tired.

"Fine, de Carabas. What do you want this time? Just name it."

She could tell by the way he hesitated that he was about to ask for something big.

"Remember, my lady, grant my request and your debt is cleared."

"Out with it. What. Do. You. Want?"

"One night with your Upworlder hero."

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