psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

For burningtoast

Trinity will never tell Neo exactly how glad she is that he destroyed Agent Smith. And how she hopes with all she has that the mainframe never finds a way to rebuild him. She will also never tell him why.

It isn't because he killed Mouse, and caused Cypher to betray them all.

It isn't even because he tortured Morpheus, and tried to kill Neo.

It's because of the way he looked at her. It's because she knows that if she had been captured, he would have kept her alive for his own pleasure.

She hopes he never comes back.


Edmund thinks he knows why Bud enjoyed beating on him so much. He'd never say anything, of course. He'd only get another beating, and he's not that much of a masochist, thank you very much.

But he's *seen* Bud looking at him, when he thinks nobody's watching. And those looks are not the kind a man gives somebody he hates.

Edmund thinks Bud will come round, in time, will realise the same thing Edmund has. Bud still thinks he's straight, of course, so it may be quite a long time before they get anywhere.

It doesn't matter. Edmund can wait.
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