psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

For bluemoon02

Alan was in his dressing room, getting ready for the Quidditch match scene, when he was startled by a knock on the door. His slightly sharp "Come in!" was greeted by Jason sticking his head round the door, looking apologetic.

"Didn't disturb you, did I?"

"No, no, you just startled me. Come in and sit down".

"I had something else in mind, actually, Alan".

Alan raised an eyebrow.

"Oh yes? And what would that be?"

Twenty minutes later, with his hands tangled in Jason's Lucius wig where he knelt in front of him, Alan prayed none of the children, or, worse, Maggie, would take it into their heads to come and find one of them.
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