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Eowyn was sent to Rivendell with Merry, after Aragorn brought them out of their sleep. They had both been worse affected by the Black Breath than Faramir, and it was felt that the healers of Gondor would not suffice - that elvish medicine was needed here.

Upon arrival, Eowyn was immediately struck by her new host's air of great wisdom and kindness. And, as was her wont, her heart was filled with love for him from their first conversation. Eowyn was a shield-maiden of Rohan, and a woman of great perseverance. She determined to win the Lord Elrond - and such a spirit as hers will usually prevail.

Some months after Eowyn's departure from that city, the wise of Minas Tirith were startled to hear that Elrond had taken a human lover.


Draco had been charged with seducing Harry Potter's Mudblood best friend to… an alternative worldview. A shame about her origins, to be sure, but the girl was the most intelligent in her year, and had the greatest love of learning and discovery. Was such potential to be wasted, simply because of her parentage, when it could so easily be pressed into service? Surely not. So they sent Draco to win her over by any means necessary.

He succeeded to a degree that nobody had anticipated.

He should, perhaps, not have been so shocked and surprised when Lucius Malfoy announced that, in light of his wife's unfortunate and untimely death, he would shortly be remarrying.

His new wife would be one Hermione Granger.

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