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[Sep. 23rd, 2002|09:54 am]
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My mother bought me Velvet Goldmine on DVD! I hereby retract any and all comments I may previously have made about her when I was in a bad mood, and any I may make in the future. I don't mean any of them. She is a wonderful woman and I love her to bits!

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Date:September 23rd, 2002 - 04:09 am

If you spot a quote you like, let me know so I can incorporate it in the FB series. So far, not counting the ones I've already used, I have:

It's funny how beautiful people are when they're walking out the door.

I needn't mention how essential dreaming is to the character of the rock star.

Remus: I should think that if people were to get the wrong impression of me, the one to which you so eloquently refer, it wouldn't be the wrong impression in the slightest.

Sirius: Rock and roll is a prostitute, it should be tarted up, performed.

Make a wish and see yourself on stage, inside out, a tangle of garlands in your hair. Of course, you are pleasantly surprised.

Lily was elegance walking arm and arm with a lie.

I don't believe that there is much of a future to speak of.

Sirius: We set out to change the world... ended up just changing ourselves.
Harry: What's wrong with that?
Sirius: Nothing, if you don't look at the world.

Remus: Let me raise a toast to the loveliest man in Europe.
Sirius: And they tell you it's not natural!

James: You're hiding something.
Lily: What makes you think that?

James: That smile, for one thing.
Lily: Well, smiles lie.
James: Exactly.

(and my current favourite bit from the next chapter...)

Mr Lupin: So you're saying you're bisexual?
Sirius: Yeah, I like boys, I like girls... they're all great! There's no difference is there... ::sexy smile:: ...Mr Lupin?
Remus: ...Sirius. Are you flirting with my dad? Because that's seriously unnerving...
Sirius: ::grin:: Sorry.

Hee! Some of those are from later bits where it gets all complicated... Jerry and Brian take Lily away to make her a star, hehehe, and James has to get her back and proclaim his undying, everlasting love.

32 minutes in. Remember that. Thirty two minutes. Although that might be slightly off, because I calculated that from a taped-off-telly version and I think I missed a bit from the beginning.

::waves Go Ewan! banner::