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For randomfrog

Elladan and Elrohir think they have to keep their love for one another secret.

They are sure their father would not approve, and they would rather their sweet innocent young sister never knew, either.

So it is only when they go orc-hunting with no escort, and they are alone, many miles from Rivendell, that they allow themselves that freedom.

But there are things about Elrond and Elros that are not written in the family annals.

If only the sons of Elrond had discovered this, it might have saved them much anguish.

For their father would be a hypocrite to disapprove.


Padma has seen how the Weasley twins behave around each other. A stroke of the back here, or a seemingly casual hand playing with red hair there.

She suspects there is more between the two of them than they would be willing to show the world. She would never tell anyone - it's not up to her - but she is almost sure of it.

And Padma has been thinking.

Perhaps, after all, it's not so very wrong. At least in circumstances where there is no risk of procreation. Between two men… or between two women.

Parvati is very beautiful.


Haldir has been watching the Ringbearer.

The hobbit seems very fragile, though Haldir knows from Galadriel that appearances, in this case, are deceiving.

Nevertheless, he is not the strongest of his Company. And he has not been sleeping.

Haldir knows that Galadriel has spoken with Frodo, but if she meant to ease his mind, she has failed. Haldir has decided that something must be done.

If the hobbit continues wasting away like this, he will die. And if the Ring should pass to another, Middle Earth may well fall.

Perhaps what he needs is distraction. Haldir knows just the thing.

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