psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

For pinion

Orlando loves the way Elijah looks when he kisses him. Head thrown back to reach Orlando's lips, eyes closed in pleasure. Orlando's are always open, just so he can see.

Orlando loves the look on Elijah's face when they're in bed. It's true what people say, Elijah's "controlled-by-the-ring" face really does look like he's having an orgasm. Orlando likes that he's one of the few people who know that.

Orlando loves to watch Elijah sleep. He looks so innocent, in a way you wouldn't expect from someone who's been famous since his childhood.

Orlando loves… Hell, Orlando just loves Elijah.


When Frodo first saw Legolas, the sight took his breath away.

He had seen elves before, of course, but Elrond was worn by the care of overseeing Rivendell for three thousand years. He was not as beautiful as the Prince of Mirkwood. And Arwen… Arwen was beautiful, but she did not move with quite such inhuman grace.

When Frodo saw Legolas fight, he was lost. He had never known that the act of killing could hold such dark beauty.

But Frodo knew his would be a love given from afar.

Why, after all, should an elven prince love a hobbit?

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