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[Apr. 12th, 2003|11:13 pm]
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For muffytaj, the others I promised you.

Nobody mentions Doyle any more. After they watched it together that time, Angel put away his videotape and seemed to forget it was there. Cordelia has never seen him watch it since.

She knows where he keeps it, though, and sometimes she gets it out and puts it on for old times' sake. Never when Wesley's there - she doesn't want to make him feel like a replacement. Never when Angel's there, either, since he seems to prefer it that way.

But sometimes, Cordelia thinks she might be forgetting what he looked like, how he talked. And that's when she watches the video, to remind herself. And she remembers a sweet slob of a half-demon who loved her so much he died for her.

And she cries.


When Hermione is with Draco, there are some things that just have to be ignored. Her origins, for one - Draco has trouble reconciling his attraction to her with the lessons he's been taught all his life. So he doesn't. When he's with her, he sets that aside.

There are other things, though. Especially her tendency to call out Harry's name at awkward moments. That was not well received, at first. On the other hand, turnabout is always fair play, and it wasn't really that difficult to persuade Draco to let it go.

After all, he has the same problem.
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