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For isiliel

There are things Percy does not tell anyone.

For example: he never told them that Ginny's old diary appeared on his desk one day, magically repaired as if Harry had never killed it.

He doesn't tell them that he knew what it was, but still he wrote in it, spilling out his stress at work, and his pain at the twins' jeering.

He doesn't tell them that it really was repaired, and that it was still animated enough to write back.

And he never, ever tells them about the dreams. Dreams of a handsome, dark-haired boy, who loves him back.


On the battlefield, Ginny was nowhere to be seen.

Ron thought she'd been taken, swore revenge on all Death Eaters for harming her.

Harry wasn't so sure. This wasn't the first time she'd gone missing with no explanation.

It was Seamus who finally told Ron she'd been seen slipping away, and they thought she'd gone to the other side.

Ron punched him, and refused to believe it. Dean had to drag him away, to stop him killing those who insisted.

He believed it in the end, when he saw his sister again… in a cold courtroom, holding Lucius Malfoy's hand.

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    Dammit, I want to go to Kansas. :(

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    Just heard from my grandmother that my cousin lost one of her babies. They would have been twins.

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    Pass along this small tribute, copy this code.

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