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I'm sorry I knocked you out. I'm sorry I left you there. But you know I had to do it, don't you? They were after me, not you, and they swore they'd leave you alone. I know you would have come after me, one way or another, and I couldn't let you do it.

When you get this, it'll be too late. Again, I'm sorry for what I had to do. But I'll never be sorry for saving your life. There was no way in hell I would ever have let you die, especially not for me.

Love, Dean


I'm going into battle again now, and I don't think I'll be coming back. The enemy are getting too desperate, this close to the end. If truth be told, I don't think I want to come back. My family, closest friends and… lovers are all gone, and at risk of sounding melodramatic, I've got nothing left. In the unlikely event of anyone asking, tell them the usual - "he fought bravely", all that.

You were a good commander. I always respected you deeply, I want you to know that.

One last favour, please? Bury me next to Dean.

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