psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

HP drabble (318 words)

Title: Bound in Adamantine Chains

Rating: G

Summary: Muggle-born/pureblood (or halfblood). Could be slash, could be het, could even be very deep friendship. The pairing is entirely up to you.

You know you could leave this world.

The others have told you so often enough.

"This doesn't have to be your fight".

"You can always go back to the Muggle world".

"You'd survive there, and you know you'd be safer".

True, all of it. OK, so you don't have any GCSEs, or A-levels. But there are jobs to be had without them. Not well-paid ones, to be sure, but you'd make enough money to get by. If worst came to worst, you know your parents would help you out for as long as necessary. And yes, you could escape the war there, and you would undoubtedly be safer.

You know you can get away from the troubles of the wizarding world, if you want to.

But he can't.

Born and raised in the wizarding world, he'd never make it anywhere else. He could never cope with not being able to use magic, with having to do things the Muggle way.

You know you could leave, nevertheless, and you might even come back one day. But what if you returned to find him gone? He may not live through this war, and if he's going to die, you want to be with him at the end. If you're being honest with yourself, you know you want to die with him when the moment comes.

You never bargained on being drawn into a war, when you first received your letter.

You know this doesn't have to be your fight, and maybe it shouldn't be.

You know you could find safety in the Muggle world, safety you may never have here.

You know you could leave, and that way you'd live a while longer. But it might mean never seeing him again, and you know that would kill you anyway, sooner or later.

You know the others are right. You should go, with or without him.

But you know you won't.

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