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What the hell...

was going on in the last X-Files episodes?

Why was Mulder seeing ghosts? It was nice to see Krycek and X and the Lone Gunmen one last time, but... why? I thought Mulder was just going crazy for a while, but then X gave him Marita's address, so it had to be more than that.

And the ending was a cop-out. What happened to tying up all the loose ends? What happened to finally telling us the truth? The last two episodes should have settled everything left unresolved, but all we got was "Oh, the invasion's happening on this date in 2012 and nobody can do anything about it. The end". What the hell was that, Mr Carter? They should have ended it years ago, when they still had some clue about where they wanted it to go.

Still, at least Mulder and Scully were together when it finished...
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