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From Twitter 08-31-2010 [Sep. 1st, 2010|03:01 am]
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  • 00:33:53: @cleolinda my grandmother was a country girl. some of the things she made wine or spirits from would make your eyes water.
  • 00:49:25: @LloydWoolf mine wasn't ruined! I thought your comments were rather sweet. :)
  • 01:37:18: @havenward wouldn't that be kind of a huge fire risk, if they're meant to be used?
  • 01:41:59: @profanityswan mice don't eat meat. you're thinking of rats, maybe. They eat whatever they can find.
  • 01:51:32: @ilikeautumn I'm told it's much more impressive on a big screen.
  • 20:15:40: the next time I see someone riding a bike at 30mph on the pavement, I'm going to kick it out from under them.
  • 20:18:15: @justshai it's not legal, ridiculously dangerous and I saw THREE people doing it on the ten-minute walk from the bus stop.
  • 20:29:47: @prix_etoile got ice on it?
  • 20:35:16: @comedyfish my mother had an ancient Volvo that regularly refused to start in cold weather and once kangaroo-hopped for 300 yards.
  • 20:36:10: @sephirajo I saw no lines...
  • 20:38:07: @justshai no, I mean the pavement. :P which is not the road, where cyclists belong.
  • 20:39:50: @sephirajo we never finished that Cammie-Kurt log. Or we could start something new.
  • 20:41:06: @Frito_KAL Yep!
  • 20:42:38: @Frito_KAL I know. I was teasing.
  • 21:45:46: why do people keep retweeting @50cent? He's a horrible human being and I don't want to read what he has to say.
  • 21:51:39: @viridian it might be, actually. it is a bit OTT.
  • 21:59:17: Do the animal rights nutjobs who released the minks know how many animals they've killed? 50,000 minks will DESTROY the local wildlife.
  • 22:12:10: @bansidhe I knew I could trust you. ;)
  • 22:20:01: @timidheathen I'm real!
  • 22:58:29: @KatyFBrand float. innocent women just got to drown.
  • 23:00:52: @Colin_Manford the last one that actually got me in streaming tears was My Girl. In my defence, I was twelve.
  • 23:38:37: @calamitykate did you read the book? I haven't yet. I'd rather give money to the Legion direct.
  • 23:48:13: @robinince Your son clearly has good judgment.

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Date:September 19th, 2010 - 10:53 am
I got a request to follow my (paranoidangel) tweets from you yesterday. I only let people read my tweets if I know who they are and I don't recognise your username. Can you tell me who you are?
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Date:September 19th, 2010 - 11:25 am
We have a couple of followers/friends in common and I found you via the Twitter recommendation thing while I was looking for new people to read. Please don't feel obliged to approve me.