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From Twitter 08-30-2010

  • 00:17:15: @calamitykate what's wrong?
  • 00:29:42: @justshai she probably didn't like the noise much, either. *pets the kitty*
  • 00:36:48: @justshai I had a kitten once that literally tried to burrow down the side of my bed at a running hoover. clung so hard when I got her out.
  • 00:40:58: @justshai oh, that's meeeeean. <3.
  • 00:51:14: @Frito_KAL @justshai the MOMENT I have enough money that I'm sure I can pay my rent, I'm getting one.
  • 00:53:14: @Heartsib ...most likely, yes. *giggling* what kind of pet?
  • 00:54:10: @parcae *hugs* what's up, Hansbunny?
  • 00:56:59: @parcae :( have you taken anything? a headache that long might be cause for a doctor's visit...
  • 01:02:36: @parcae yeeees... have you been under an unusual amount of stress lately?
  • 01:05:31: Danny Baker's profile pic looks just like my uncle David. that's a little alarming.
  • 01:15:30: @parcae possibly, but if you've been eating... another possibility is eye strain, since painkillers wouldn't help with the cause of that
  • 01:16:25: @parcae you should go to your GP if it lasts much longer, though
  • 01:22:58: @parcae Eat, woman! And find a doctor, you need to have one.
  • 01:28:47: watching a thing about bear farming for bile. I don't know whether to cry or vomit.
  • 01:29:36: @parcae ah, American healthcare. Would they really charge you for a visit to find out what's wrong?
  • 01:33:30: @Kajivar the CAGES, my God. They can't even turn around.
  • 01:36:55: @parcae @ilikeautumn and socialized healthcare is bad and wrong why, again? *shakes head*
  • 01:43:47: @ilikeautumn I can't imagine my life without it. in fact, my sister and I might both have died in early childhood without it, so you know.
  • 02:03:49: @ashes_and_mist that, we can promise. *hugs*
  • 02:11:20: @viridian no beatdowns! Here, I have a confidence featherpoker instead: you're awesome. And Topher thinks so too.
  • 02:18:53: I think bugs are crawling out of my kitchen drain. :/ there was something with a lot of legs in the sink + I don't know how else it got in.
  • 02:19:38: @ashes_and_mist hee!
  • 02:22:48: @ashes_and_mist the bug or the drain? 'cause the bug got drowned. also, I giggle at the prank.
  • 02:25:06: @justshai now I need to figure out what Angelo's retaliation will be.
  • 02:29:00: @ashes_and_mist I shall acquire bleach as soon as my incoming money clears, i.e. Tuesday.
  • 02:49:06: @prix_etoile @djcati that's what hotel shuttle buses are for. *chips in helpfully*
  • 03:13:18: @chandri I went to the Everglades once. It rained a lot and there were crazy alligator people.
  • 03:16:38: George Jones looks like someone's pasted a badly proportioned head on his body. or vice versa. #countrymusicvideos
  • 03:36:15: @parcae ahhh. the trailers really fail to make that clear.
  • 11:18:49: @comedyfish utilising it properly! I've been up for half an hour.
  • 12:53:06: why is it every time I see The Wicker Man in the TV listings, it turns out to be the travestical Nicolas Cage remake?
  • 13:27:23: @neilhimself you can if you buy them from different places and have a combo lunch!
  • 14:46:32: I don't know how miners of precious metals can resist pocketing just a little bit, for a few extra pounds. it's not like it pays well.
  • 15:20:17: @BBCWomansHour Cruella DeVille, the terror of so many childhoods. #femalebaddies
  • 16:31:06: @Frito_KAL dehydration?
  • 16:35:56: @Frito_KAL I got muscle cramps one summer in DC and they *did* go away after drinking a bottle of water.
  • 17:54:24: @fentonstevens if you're in London, I'd love some.
  • 18:00:02: @ebertchicago Please God, not THAT woman.
  • 18:12:48: @ilikeautumn Jesus, what has she been letting that child watch/read?
  • 18:13:06: @liz_buckley awwww. did you find its parents?
  • 18:24:49: @Miss_Bethan it's an ancient tradition.
  • 18:47:09: @Nystana ...NO ONE can really be that stupid without an actual mental disability, can they?
  • 18:51:11: Paris Hilton claims she thought the cocaine in her bag was chewing gum. I'm starting to think that girl's secretly an evil genius.
  • 18:52:04: No one's THAT stupid while being able to feed and dress themselves.
  • 18:56:22: @Nystana Schadenfreude is a wonderful thing. ;)
  • 18:56:47: @whedonesque Sue Sylvester, no contest.
  • 19:00:28: @darthrami ...fair point.
  • 19:42:17: @iamjamesward it's always disconcerting seeing London mice being that bold, even though we all know they live in the tunnels...
  • 19:44:46: @DaveTwentyman yeah, I couldn't touch my shoulder for a while after. go to physio and keep up the exercises they give you, it'll get better.
  • 20:03:24: @antonvowl super-strength alcohol. It's the cheapest option.
  • 20:12:57: sometimes the smell of Yardley still makes me look around for my grandmother. she's been dead for nearly ten years...
  • 20:14:12: @ilikeautumn Just remember the unpleasantness if you do eat them. Effective offputter, no?
  • 20:28:36: @unloveablesteve get them in their house at night and lock the door. if there are "windows", fasten strong wire mesh on the inside.
  • 20:33:44: @machinedreams at least you don't have to turn up and sit in a horrible room with lots of strangers every day?
  • 20:42:17: @DaveTwentyman I think that's pretty standard. You just have to try and push it a fraction further each time - I got full function back.
  • 21:06:38: @20thcenturymarc Love the reference!
  • 21:13:44: @RichNeville dare I ask about the preachy fruit?
  • 21:18:11: oh, this is cute. pile of puppies from two different litters, the terriers are filthy and the little rottweilers are trying to groom them.
  • 21:28:44: @Gethenian that is a beautiful piece of crafting. *covets*
  • 21:36:53: how can a child handle their bedwetting discreetly if the parent knows to buy them bedwetter pants? #drynites
  • 21:41:03: happy 71st birthday, #johnpeel. Radio never has been the same without you. #johnpeel #johnpeel #johnpeel #johnpeel #johnpeel #johnpeel
  • 21:42:12: @liz_buckley Extra reliving-childhood points if you then ran away giggling.
  • 21:43:19: @comedyfish oh, Levi Roots was the best thing Dragons' Den ever gave us.
  • 21:45:37: @Frito_KAL He was a much loved British DJ who championed unsigned acts. I'm on a mission to make him trend. #johnpeel #johnpeel #johnpeel
  • 21:54:24: RT @love6music: Please get #johnpeel trending! - 71 today (RIP) - John Robert Parker Ravenscroft, OBE (30 August 1939 – 25 October 2004)
  • 22:06:07: @Frito_KAL ....*headkeyboard*
  • 22:09:44: @Frito_KAL I just don't understand what world some people live in, 'cause it isn't the one I know.
  • 22:45:07: @laurenlankford I think you have fruit on the brain. *amused*
  • 22:48:27: @amyalices ???
  • 22:56:53: small spider crawling up the couch was trapped and put out the window without screaming once. I'm proud of myself.
  • 23:01:32: @Frito_KAL at least two states held out into the 1980s before they ratified the amendment meant to give American-born slaves citizenship.
  • 23:05:03: @amyalices ahhhh. I have a friend called Rossi, I don't think you even know her, but it was an O.o moment ;)
  • 23:18:01: Barclaycard, unless you will actually give each and every one of us a rollercoaster to work, I call false advertising.
  • 23:25:55: @sephirajo yay, Vivi!

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