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From Twitter 08-29-2010

  • 00:42:55: @lauriepink happy birthday!
  • 00:52:57: @JM_Underwood @amyalices Are you two corrupting Megan? Is she even old enough to drink yet?
  • 01:08:29: @JM_Underwood Heh. I would mock Amy for being old, but my little sister's 24...
  • 12:45:46: wow, NSPCC. That advert is some quality emotional blackmail.
  • 14:16:50: @jackofkent and where do you think the drugs will come from, if not Big Pharma? They've cornered the market.
  • 14:21:14: @jackofkent I see a lot of criticism coming from you but no real practical suggestions for how something better could be built.
  • 14:22:35: @jackofkent as an NHS front-line worker, I have to say I find your comments quite offensive.
  • 14:46:57: @reallybanderson Do share where this brioche came from?
  • 14:51:37: @comedyfish it's pouring with rain, I don't think the carnival would be much fun...
  • 15:47:32: @DeeringRob I would guess Last of the Summer Wine.
  • 16:18:55: @justshai go back to bed, lady.
  • 16:46:45: ...oh Lionel Richie, no. I refuse to believe you were THAT hard-up.
  • 17:25:36: @Kajivar he's reworked Three Times a Lady for a Walkers Crisps ad. And appeared in it, being pushed through a window by Gary Lineker.
  • 17:27:48: Those little fish in their eggs are blinking at the camera. #naturedocumentariesaresometimesdisconcerting
  • 17:34:43: @ohhellojenni I don't know in any detail, but something about match-fixing?
  • 17:35:20: @samanthajferris I wish I could, but money is tight. :(
  • 17:41:30: shark is being harassed by smaller fish using its skin as a scouring pad. You can SEE the "what are you doing, get off me!" on its face.
  • 18:02:50: @HarloBelle what's the best thing to do, if they can't be truly housetrained that young? Just put down newspaper?
  • 18:20:09: @SaliWho Ducks and geese are agents of Satan. The jury's out on swans.
  • 18:28:27: @gorygoryzimzam you mean that cover she did in Japan? Yeah, I'd hit that.
  • 18:52:27: @JM_Underwood ...meaning faggot as an offensive word, or as those little meatball things that are actually English?
  • 19:09:07: @whedonesque Ben Linus.
  • 19:46:49: the Drop Dead Diva trailers confuse me. if the blonde girl was reincarnated as the lawyer, how come she seems to exist as a separate being?
  • 20:05:51: love my regular pizza place. They've let me delay payment for my food until expected money clears into my account - twice now.
  • 21:57:17: @parryphernalia I think because the last of the original cast is too old to carry on. and yeah, Compo and his actor are both dead.
  • 22:14:07: it never fails to amaze me how Will Smith managed to change from his natural skinny self to the image of Mohammad Ali.
  • 22:23:22: hey, @ashesandmist, have you seen Dark Blue? JPB's face is in it and looking GOOD. buzzcut, nice shot of him in cool shades in the trailer.
  • 22:32:40: @timidheathen Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay
  • 23:04:52: @ashes_and_mist wrote you an @, but I forgot the underscores.
  • 23:31:11: @davegodfrey but it's great when they talk back.
  • 23:33:22: @missbunnywarren I did terrible things to my Barbies, until my parents got the message and stopped buying them.
  • 23:43:39: @littlesilvered I <3 Captain Eo.

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