psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

From Twitter 08-28-2010

  • 00:47:49: @Glinner my cousin's son would have been a twin but his brother died in the womb. sometimes I wonder if he was ever aware of it.
  • 01:09:01: @Technophobia is this the same sister who's in the army? she sounds awesome.
  • 01:15:05: @Frito_KAL oh, I bet a crocheted Adipose would be adorable.
  • 01:17:46: @Frito_KAL :D?
  • 01:43:05: @justshai you can't make her decisions for her. You're not a failure as a sister unless you don't try.
  • 18:08:48: watching a very frustrated raccoon try to get into a watertight-sealed tortoise shell to eat the tortoise. most amusing. #lifeincoldblood
  • 18:18:14: Dear English Defence Party. Throwing Nazi salutes automatically renders your points invalid, if they weren't already. No love, England.
  • 18:47:50: @Frito_KAL can you get citrus cookies of any description?
  • 20:41:14: @ilikeautumn I think dumping something harmless but briefly unpleasant on the small children should be allowed when they do that.
  • 20:47:28: RT @themanwhofell: If I hit 30,000 Twitter followers this Bank Holiday Weekend I will donate £10 to that animal shelter that Liz Jones l ...
  • 20:52:22: @TakenByTheWind ah, the traditional Western "watching turtles at the zoo have sex" rite of passage.
  • 20:58:34: @justshai eeee!
  • 21:20:13: @crazycolours ... What was her toddler even doing AWAKE at 9pm, never mind the rest?
  • 23:27:39: @justshai I love the way newborns do that, when they can't focus very well but they know they're being held and loved and they want to try.

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