psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

From Twitter 08-23-2010

  • 00:06:17: @raspberryturk calamine lotion is good for itches...
  • 00:29:40: @justshai yes you do, but I'm going to bed in half an hour.
  • 00:48:46: heh. looked at photos of Dad and Granddad together and now I know what my brother would look like by the age of 50 if I had one.
  • 00:54:22: @lauriepink I'm sure it does eventually!
  • 20:34:29: Laptop, I am tired and hungry and not in the mood. Work properly or I will TRADE YOU IN. Don't think I won't.
  • 21:10:16: I hate everything.
  • 21:21:52: @ashurbadaktu how're you doing?
  • 21:29:00: @zellyb *snuggles back*
  • 21:33:20: definitely hormonal. but hey, I have a freezer full of icecream. *fetches a tub and digs in*
  • 22:00:20: ....Abby from NCIS is my new favourite. Guy has a knife in her face, team bursts in to the rescue and he's already duct-taped on the floor.
  • 22:21:53: @nomnombrainz better after ice cream.
  • 23:16:22: Love the new Milky Bar ad. Reminds me of wanting to be the Milky Bar Kid despite being a dark-haired girl.
  • 23:19:06: @calamitykate I've often thought about doing that.
  • 23:24:11: @calamitykate a close friend of my family tried for fifteen years before she had a baby - naturally, in the end, but she was lucky.
  • 23:31:39: @calamitykate *nodnod* I've got no intention of having biological children, so someone should get use from my eggs.
  • 23:44:28: @bansidhe seems to be going round *hugs*
  • 23:50:30: @bansidhe ...*waaaaants*
  • 23:55:01: @bansidhe I do not have an ice cream maker. D: but I'm sure I'll get back to California at some point.

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