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From Twitter 08-22-2010

  • 00:06:11: @essers Happy birthday!
  • 00:47:45: @binx_349 the one at my parents' place likes to chirrup right in my face til I wake up and pet her. and wails pitifully if the door's shut.
  • 01:14:12: To make @ilikeautumn belatedly happy and because I found it on FilmFlex, I am now going to watch National Treasure.
  • 01:18:23: oh my GOD, film, the Freemasons and the Knights Templar are NOT THE SAME THING. #alreadycringingfiveminutesin
  • 01:21:49: also, the Freemasons? Not really that exciting, honest. @machinedreams, good question and I don't know.
  • 01:24:33: @ilikeautumn Riley just saw a corpse, freaked out and fell over. :D
  • 01:25:56: ....Sean Bean, what are you doing in this movie.
  • 01:28:26: @gypsyjr ....what. WHAT. (Nic Cage is talking about the Templars again. And invisible maps.)
  • 01:28:55: @ashes_and_mist he usually is.
  • 01:31:03: ...did Ben seriously just pull that whole theory out of thin air based on the words "iron pen"?
  • 01:32:29: @samburgler So does he.
  • 01:40:28: @ilikeautumn I don't even like Nic Cage! But silly movies are good when you can't sleep.
  • 01:41:25: Ben, the only way to protect the Declaration is NOT "to steal it", you crazy person.
  • 01:44:17: on the other hand, I kind of love Abigail and her snark about Bigfoot. and RILEY, how do you not know what the library Preservation Room is?
  • 02:01:13: Everyone in this film is very stupid, crazy, or both.
  • 02:28:22: @gypsyjr @quiverby ahahahah they are X-ray specs.
  • 02:29:46: Ben, you can't take 19th century spelling as evidence of anything! It varied within the same document!
  • 02:35:24:, Mark Pellegrino, is there ANYTHING you haven't been in?
  • 02:36:44: @ironicsegue dude, yes. 300-year-old paper would not have survived some of the treatment they've put it through.
  • 02:52:02: @ashes_and_mist :D!
  • 03:19:57: @ashurbadaktu oh, honey.
  • 04:08:46: I have part - and only part - of Winds of Change stuck in my head. Damn you, Magic FM.
  • 13:01:35: SyFy just issued a warning that Eureka has paranormal themes and is for entertainment only. No, really?
  • 13:47:20: @calamitykate's over ten years since I had any dealings with UCAS, but shouldn't you have done that already?
  • 14:09:08: @calamitykate ahhh. now it makes sense!
  • 14:48:10: @TakenByTheWind actually, not so impossible. if you start feeding her at a set time every day, she WILL wake you up if you don't.
  • 15:49:38: Dude. OLIVER REED, what do you expect? RT @Sabotagetimes: Oliver Reed molested me says Star Wars producer
  • 16:15:36: @priscellie ooooh. share? (by DM if you like).
  • 17:04:54: They're going to refer to this guy as Dr. Manly for the rest of the episode, aren't they. #eureka
  • 17:11:34: @jopinion apparently a bizarre number of people here. auctioning a DVD on eBay and it's got ten watchers.
  • 17:28:00: @qkellie he'll get bored of it soon enough. I hope, for your sake.
  • 17:47:12: @ashes_and_mist I'd forgotten he was in that too! Seriously, CKR shows up in EVERYTHING.
  • 17:50:41: @ashes_and_mist a miniseries, I think.
  • 18:02:16: @justshai now THAT guy and his obsession with... Kara. OH, I see what you mean.
  • 18:41:21: @calamitykate I think I'd believe that more if the @ Kate uses all the time wasn't done wrong.
  • 18:42:12: @ashes_and_mist Has she done that weird thing with bats out of her bosom yet?
  • 19:25:44: @prix_etoile dude, how did that not happen years ago? they're made for each other.
  • 19:29:02: @ashes_and_mist ....oh dear. *offers bandages and alcohol* *and dog sedatives*
  • 19:34:19: @mattleys I would imagine so they can track down people who steal the bikes?
  • 20:00:02: I don't know if it's a warm night or I'm running a temperature. *opens windows*
  • 20:09:49: @samburgler they do in England
  • 20:33:42: @DianaInHeaven nice to know 15,298 of us are all warped.
  • 20:37:11: @ashes_and_mist I keep seeing a trailer for Young Guns on TV with someone I swear is Gil Grissom's actor sporting awesome muttonchops.
  • 21:01:12: not feeling well. Janice and Prof. C told me not to come in tomorrow if I wasn't better, but my rent's due next week...
  • 21:15:03: @justshai Sure!
  • 21:40:04: @Kal_Penn did she say yes? I would have.
  • 22:10:56: @ceitfianna @viridian I don't know how people do it. Cars scare me.
  • 22:28:28: @VegasWalkinDude do you promise?
  • 22:34:08: @wickedtrue that's bizarre and adorable.
  • 23:04:42: @TakenByTheWind aww, he's a proud daddy! ;)
  • 23:19:20: @ashes_and_mist yeah, I think they're about the closest breed to their wolfy ancestors. :) easier to revert.
  • 23:29:20: @ashes_and_mist when I have the money, space and time to properly care for a dog, it may well be a GS. :) I much prefer big friendly dogs.
  • 23:30:33: @ashes_and_mist (except Lulu the teeny chihuahua puppy near work, but how can you not love something living you can hold in one hand?)
  • 23:50:45: @raspberryturk yes, scratching arteries open = very bad.

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