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From Twitter 08-15-2010

  • 00:12:06: @calamitykate You expected anything different from the king of spin? Mr Freaky Eyebrows?
  • 00:18:09: @calamitykate everyone should refer to him as Mr Freaky Eyebrows. All the time.
  • 00:29:07: it's a Saturday night on my own in front of the TV. But I have Haribo!
  • 00:48:09: is it very weird that of all the male celebrities out there, Jay Baruchel is the closest I know of to my personal ideal?
  • 00:52:33: @msgracefh so you can eat tomorrow with minimal waiting?
  • 01:35:28: oh, this is so cute. orphaned rhino turns 1, so the carers throw a party, with cake, and invite the local African kids to play with him.
  • 01:37:40: @sleight_of_hand a partner. I guess that's something everyone sees differently, though.
  • 01:55:05: @apiphile BUT I THINK, OH BONDAGE! UP YOURS!
  • 12:22:38: @calamitykate but there should have been!
  • 12:34:15: @justshai Yay!
  • 12:58:27: @viridian my Bubbles makes that sort of "brrrrrup" noise when she's about to go for a jump. it is adorable.
  • 13:02:22: @viridian awwww :D
  • 13:53:51: @JM_Underwood I pity them. How empty their little lives must be to care about hers.
  • 15:26:20: @PlaidGirl that man is the ONLY person who could have played Lee Scoresby, since Lee Van Cleef is dead.
  • 17:13:23: anyone want to buy stuff from me on eBay?
  • 18:50:44: "You're a nice, kind sensible woman." She's the killer. #poirot
  • 18:54:27: @nomnombrainz is he giving you any hints as to WHAT he wants?
  • 18:59:28: @nomnombrainz you might want to see if you can get deworming tablets for him. if he eats and eats and doesn't gain weight, it might be that
  • 19:11:33: @DannyJohnJules is that for work, or just because?
  • 19:15:57: Foolish woman! Announcing you've worked out the key to the murder then going off to think about it is signing your death warrant! #poirot
  • 19:24:11: also there appears to be a thing where Poirot won't even willingly kill a mosquito - oh, look, genre blind woman's been dosed with acid.
  • 19:25:14: @whedonesque Firefly/Doctor Who.
  • 20:00:15: @PlaidGirl that scene where he's standing outside watching the suns, and the music comes up, always puts a lump in my throat.
  • 20:10:21: RT @cleolinda: Because I know you guys like Icelandic epics: the Tattúínárdœlasaga of Lúkr Anakinsson
  • 20:49:53: Dear spammers. My mother is a highly educated woman. She does not send me emails in such bad English I can spot it without even opening them
  • 21:55:30: #csi, is there an actual reason for this weird little scene with Hodges dancing while he runs a test?
  • 22:10:48: @samburgler I saw an ad the other day recruiting for extras in porn films. Oddly tempting.
  • 22:56:41: @bobbyllew they're not that easy to poison. ;) Peanuts, cheese and raisins are best, but if you don't feed it, it'll eat your garden bugs.
  • 23:37:24: Oh, Zsa Zsa. Not yet, Princess. :(
  • 23:46:27: @RichardCAdler Ducks are always up to something.

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