psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

From Twitter 08-11-2010

  • 00:35:43: @calamitykate well, he's not dead. so either he wasn't as sick as they thought, someone lied, or Libya has incredibly good oncologists...
  • 00:43:15: @calamitykate ...what, people are saying he never had cancer at all?
  • 00:48:18: @calamitykate for God's sake. Cancer becomes almost impossible to cure when it first metastasises, let alone anything else.
  • 00:56:26: @calamitykate (Mum let me read her medical journals from the age of about 12. and now I'm an oncology secretary. I know these things.)
  • 19:52:22: what have I done to my left ankle to make it ache this much?
  • 20:22:26: @nomnombrainz Lost? Aren't you supposed to be gaining weight?
  • 20:41:09: @sydk aw, I'm sorry :(
  • 20:43:56: @sydk I hope she went easy?
  • 20:47:21: @sydk Good. *hugs* It's never nice watching them suffer.
  • 20:56:09: if I turn Jonathan into a vengeance demon, it's all Batya's fault.
  • 21:25:53: @Frito_KAL is the torture chamber soundproofed?
  • 21:28:56: @Frito_KAL Plastic surgery clinic. Best place to conceal someone covered in bandages.
  • 21:31:37: @Frito_KAL but perhaps while smuggling him in?
  • 21:48:42: @bansidhe Baaansh. Batya says she was joking, but she put a bad idea in my head and now I think we're actually going to do it..
  • 21:52:50: @bansidhe *snerk* She really should know better by now than to suggest things like that to me. Because I will do it.
  • 21:53:56: @bansidhe All my friends are bad people. But I'm kind of ridiculously excited about getting to do it, so.
  • 21:57:12: @bansidhe also, I've been tossing around different ways to make him immortal for a while now.
  • 22:18:23: ...Elliot got all distracted because a kid was crying in his earshot. *hearts* #leverage
  • 22:45:18: ...did he taser Parker? did that bastard actually just taser Parker? #leverage
  • 23:51:05: @Frito_KAL I still boggle that there are net-savvy legal adults who have no idea what Compuserve was.
  • 23:56:23: @Frito_KAL @fallingbooks The internet just isn't quite the same without the sound of a dial-up modem.

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