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From Twitter 08-10-2010

  • 11:11:54: @jumblejim ...what, actually cutting it off? O.o
  • 11:12:58: @weaverandom My dad, for some reason, just sent me two identical texts just saying he was going to Kuala Lumpur. *confused*
  • 11:19:25: @Pres_Bartlet You're the president. Have one installed.
  • 11:24:44: what's the big deal about consuming cloned cow meat/milk? It's cloning, not genetic engineering. Isn't it just like the "parent"'s products?
  • 11:52:23: @jumblejim were they able to reattach it?
  • 12:16:46: @nickjfrost dummkopf
  • 13:12:50: @donnalyman At least you could point and laugh when she says something dumb?
  • 13:42:52: RT @squeakattack Dear @TheAntiBubble, what are those little black and white jumpy spiders called? They are utterly adorable. ^_^ @NHM_id
  • 14:30:00: a warm laptop is almost as good as a cat. except it doesn't purr.
  • 14:54:48: my couch is here!
  • 15:29:14: curled up on my lovely new black leather couch. room is a tiiiiny bit crowded, but all is good.
  • 16:29:40: Dear Specsavers. People with bad eyesight are not morons. That boy would not totally fail to notice a car being wrecked 20 feet away.
  • 16:33:23: RT @lauriepink: RT @undead8bit: RT @heathersaysyes: anyone currently in Soho,there's a skip full of free vinyl on Great Marlborough St,n ...
  • 17:49:08: I LIKE this Turkish takeaway. £6 got me two skewers of meat, mushrooms, onion, rice, salad, bread and... something that might be yoghurt.
  • 17:49:57: ...not yoghurt, too sweet. I think it's semolina.
  • 18:05:28: omf, this rice is DELICIOUS.
  • 19:20:39: @justshai Ow. Are you okay?
  • 19:32:18: I really hope this not-quite-headache is because of the rain and not a sudden reaction to the smell of new leather.
  • 19:46:54: Got a Jonathan in the bar. @ceitfianna, Demeter might be interested.
  • 19:47:37: @calamitykate ....ew, Kate. I don't need those images.
  • 20:02:27: just to be clear - is it not the case that the people who want to open this "mosque" own the building? and can do what they want with it?
  • 20:31:24: @ceitfianna *grins* They will be in more as and when I have time.
  • 20:39:36: @viridian I won't be surprised if it's found she's trying to raise her profile. if it's true, though... yeah, ick.
  • 21:23:08: @havenward sorry. I'm so broke I'm fantasising about distant elderly relatives declaring me their favourite in their wills.
  • 22:18:09: @moonandserpent I'm all in favour of vat-grown non-thinking meat, when it's technologically possible.
  • 23:04:32: @nomnombrainz short version: they appear to have struck a deal with Verizon that kills net neutrality.
  • 23:35:34: @nomnombrainz actually, the opposite. people can already pay to be prioritized in searches, if NN goes they could pay for their sites to
  • 23:36:38: @nomnombrainz load quicker, and possibly eventually to be the only ones available unless the consumer pays more.

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