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From Twitter 08-09-2010

  • 09:33:46: @michaelklurfeld I really liked Juno.
  • 09:46:47: RT @DrSamuelJohnson: Replete with Success from withdrawing Infants' Milk-Pails, I counsel Mister CAMERON to sink an Argentine Battle-Ship
  • 09:49:14: @PlaidGirl You should start insisting they learn to speak whatever the Native language of their area was.
  • 19:09:17: @samburgler is an actual place not far from where I live. :D
  • 19:10:35: @apiphile ...lotus boob?
  • 19:13:23: @apiphile and now my imagination is showing me terrible, terrible things.
  • 19:14:01: @davegodfrey in your EAR?
  • 19:15:18: @stephenfry Silly production company people. I'm 29 and I've heard of it?
  • 19:16:29: @cleolinda I used to live near a chip shop that sold honest to god fried Mars Bars. I'd always thought they were an urban myth until then.
  • 19:17:26: @cleolinda they also did deep fried broccoli, which I don't recommend. Tasted kind of bitter.
  • 20:27:08: Trying to work out if the Lisa McAllister in Sherlock is the same one I knew at school.
  • 20:27:23: Her photos on IMDB *could* be the girl I remember, but I haven't seen her since we were sixteen...
  • 20:28:34: also the age is roughly right and the Lisa I knew always did want to be an actress.
  • 20:49:24: I'm going to start a "Vanish/[insert other bacteriacidal cleaning product here] gives children asthma and allergies" campaign.
  • 20:51:01: seriously, when did good housekeeping come to mean your home being 99-100% sterile at all times or you're a bad person and a worse parent?
  • 20:51:56: @prix_etoile I can feel my heart spasming at the very thought.
  • 20:54:41: @JohnTheCho I don't listen to radio that much, but I can't think of a single one.
  • 20:59:13: @agoodshinkickin I would buy those boots and wear them ALL THE TIME.
  • 21:05:28: "You will hear from my attorney! Who, by the by, is my cousin! Who, by the by, likes me VERY VERY MUCH!" Oh, LESTER. <3. #chuck
  • 21:17:18: @prix_etoile how are you feeling, by the way?
  • 23:46:59: @ebertchicago Except Sully was a REAL hero who saved a plane full of lives.

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