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From Twitter 08-08-2010 [Aug. 9th, 2010|03:01 am]
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  • 00:03:33: what I would like to see: #Deadwood futurefic about the rest of Al's life.
  • 00:05:10: and how he came to die of a massive head wound in the middle of the street in a Denver suburb in 1904, as per his real life obituary.
  • 00:15:58: and dammit, now I want to get my Deadwood DVDs out again. Maybe I'll have a marathon tomorrow.
  • 01:12:28: @Technophobia stop it, you're not that much older than me. what did you do?
  • 01:20:08: ran into my little friend Isabel today. Isabel is not quite 1. Isabel had apparently REFUSED to be dressed and was still in a babygro.
  • 01:21:11: Isabel also took a great liking to my watch and came very close to getting it off my wrist. smart, stubborn babies scare me.
  • 15:40:07: .@sayno2homosexua thinks homosexuality is the same as brother-sister incest. Bless.
  • 15:45:04: @ladyseraph sometimes I like to tell the trolls they're cute and pat them on the head.
  • 15:46:11: @prix_etoile O.o I'm... not sure how the two could be related. Maybe for serious athletes.
  • 16:05:55: @Kajivar do I. GENIUS.
  • 16:14:25: wow. how many times have I seen this #csi episode and never realised the carnival guy who isn't really a paedophile was Pintel? #potc
  • 16:32:59: @cazrolime That's what you get for being mean to @stephenfry. At least three people have specifically mentioned what she said to him.
  • 16:38:43: @cazrolime Sadly, it's been tried.
  • 18:43:55: @priscellie hee, I was wondering if you'd do the green paint.
  • 18:47:59: @justshai Six weeks. Which is before they wean, I think, so you should be okay.
  • 19:00:25: who is this horrible Andrew Stone person and why am I supposed to want to watch him in anything?
  • 19:14:26: Anson, did you not EVER read a fairy tale as a child? Seriously, stop making all the classic mistakes. also, you are a selfish jerk. #xfiles
  • 19:24:48: "chronic morbid tumescence". Oh my GOD, show, I love you even when you're doing ridiculous things involving genies. #xfiles
  • 19:26:06: @HautTotes Lodge an official complaint immediately. Someone that narrow-minded should not be teaching.
  • 19:46:13: @apiphile clo-ay-ca.
  • 19:55:11: @TakenByTheWind because strawberries are delicious and healthful?
  • 19:59:49: @TakenByTheWind make smoothies. or cake. or ice cream!
  • 20:16:53: #happybirthdayannewheaton!
  • 20:18:34: Wil Wheaton's mother (sister? wife?) is about to get a birthday wish from 90% of the English-speaking Twitter. Lucky woman.
  • 20:37:14: @havenward ...."poor" Hardison? Whatever you're doing to him, he'd better get hot sex with Parker to make up for it.
  • 21:16:30: @fuggirls No one chews the scenery like Alan Rickman when the mood takes him.
  • 22:40:54: well. calling the police to report a fist fight in the street outside my window is not what I had in mind for tonight.
  • 23:27:10: that is NOT what piranha look like. they're quite unassuming little fish really. #piranha3d

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