psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

From Twitter 08-06-2010

  • 19:58:09: I found a clip of Hurley throwing toast at Ben and Ben just standing there all 8-| *giggling*
  • 20:30:26: In the last month, my Twitter has attracted Randall Flagg and now Sylar as followers. WHAT IS THIS.
  • 20:45:47: @sydk oh, poor dog. :( he needs cuddles and reassurance.
  • 20:53:32: @aisforamy I'm starting to think there might be!
  • 20:58:58: am I the only one who kind of likes the "who to follow" feature?
  • 21:03:01: it is a very poor TV night when I'm watching "50 Greatest TV Endings" for the third time.
  • 21:03:53: @utoxin Yes. I'm secretly the Crimson King.
  • 21:06:52: @Technophobia I've seen several people say that. Seems I've been lucky with its suggestions.
  • 21:09:33: @cazrolime I think people are becoming aware that it exists with that new sidebar. and some of them dislike its suggestions.
  • 21:22:56: @bansidhe Yes. My only choice was to follow them back and keep an eye on them. ;)
  • 21:38:23: I want a puppy. *sad* but today is the first day in a week I've had money to feed MYSELF, let alone a dog. horrible if it happened again.
  • 22:30:13: RT @silveraspen: CA, OR, TX, AZ, and int'l alert: ground and bulk beef recall due to E. coli O157:H7 contamination. Check for d ...
  • 22:42:31: @sephirajo if I could go without sleep, I'd stay up with you.
  • 22:46:15: dear DFS, WHY is your delivery "slot" an entire day? You'd better show up early so I can go to work at all.
  • 23:46:59: @ratbanjos One day at a time. It adds up, faster than you think.

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