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From Twitter 08-05-2010

  • 11:02:36: There's a woman on Trisha who looks the spitting image of @djcati. (I'm only watching Trisha because my new TV card is still resetting.)
  • 11:16:02: @bansidhe *hugs*
  • 11:31:28: oh hey, I get to eat more than the daily sandwich Janice gives me tomorrow. Yay payday.
  • 11:43:08: @djcati ...well. You in twenty hard years, maybe.
  • 12:07:06: @bansidhe Indeed. *hugsback* And maybe now my finances will have settled enough I don't find myself subsisting again at month's end.
  • 12:26:46: @djcati surely they'd let you pay £2 a little later than the rest?
  • 13:37:25: @prix_etoile You should really get checked for an infection...
  • 13:46:16: @prix_etoile Untreated kidney infections can be life-threatening. Yeah, I'd say they have to.
  • 13:49:52: @prix_etoile If they WON'T see you, go to the nearest ER immediately.
  • 13:53:41: @prix_etoile One way or another, if it's what it sounds like, you need antibiotics. Free clinic?
  • 14:28:35: @prix_etoile Good. *hugs* Go get better.
  • 16:16:54: @prix_etoile you'll be amazed how fast it makes you feel better, from my experience
  • 16:44:31: @justshai does she realize that's only been a widely available option for fifty years or so?
  • 16:51:51: @prix_etoile do I have to cut someone?
  • 17:02:01: @justshai I tend to think that when you add in modern hygiene practices, there's a reason midwifery was the way for thousands of years.
  • 17:09:49: @Frito_KAL @justshai but of course, if it's easily available, the mother-to-be should get whatever she wants. It's only fair.
  • 17:14:47: @Frito_KAL she should, ideally, at least be advised on the dangers well before labour. Not all options are available everywhere.
  • 17:16:19: @Frito_KAL and really, home birth is only "safe" with proper preparation and attendance. A lot of people just get lucky.
  • 17:36:13: RT @Samuel_Seaborn: #Prop8 backers say today's ruling overturns the will of the people. Remember, the Civil Rights Act did that in a lot ...
  • 18:58:36: @sephirajo :( is he well enough for you to take Vivi to see him?
  • 19:25:21: @JohnTheCho I wish I'd known that when a missed connection stranded me there for 24 hours...
  • 19:31:36: @MsClara maybe he embarrassed said person into deleting those tweets.
  • 19:54:27: @havenward Josh, Donna and Bartlet are here too. ;)
  • 20:05:58: @Frito_KAL are they nice flavours?
  • 21:39:42: @Kajivar yay!

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