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From Twitter 08-03-2010 [Aug. 4th, 2010|03:01 am]
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  • 00:11:38: @viridian Yes. *nodnod* (or actually probably not, I'm not good at that, but I wouldn't talk to you.
  • 18:51:07: @silensy do it in two or three tweets?
  • 18:52:51: Finally got the mystery thing between my toes looked at. Doctor brought out the light viewer and says it's a good mole, so yay.
  • 19:13:38: @prix_etoile *makes squeaky awww noises*
  • 19:50:19: Man told he was fit for work two days after having a brain tumour removed. Welcome to "reassessment".
  • 21:32:42: @wilw Is there somewhere those of us who aren't going to GenCon could send interesting dice for you? #wilwdice
  • 21:58:58: I love that people roleplay on Twitter.
  • 22:24:11: @nomnombrainz *grins* I really meant the people I'm following playing Bartlet, Donna and Josh from The West Wing. But that too!
  • 22:26:16: @nomnombrainz ...whut. How does she think she's going to ground someone who shares your body?
  • 22:31:53: @nomnombrainz she's being ridiculous. Laugh at her.
  • 22:46:02: why is everyone talking about food? #stillbrokeandhungry
  • 23:04:38: CSI, I appreciate that no baby actor can be persuaded to play dead, but could you not have made that arm less obviously a doll's? #csi
  • 23:06:56: @ashes_and_mist JP?
  • 23:29:45: @ashes_and_mist *hugs sympathetically*

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