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From Twitter 08-01-2010

  • 00:03:09: @calamitykate ...I hate to say it, but I'm almost certain they WOULD agree with him on the Huntley compensation issue.
  • 00:05:20: @calamitykate I once heard my mother, in all seriousness, raise Jean Charles de Menezes' immigration status as a relevant point.
  • 00:06:04: @calamitykate this is partly why I rarely go home and try to avoid political discussions when I have to.
  • 00:09:10: @calamitykate the other reason is that my mother is emotionally abusive without even knowing she's doing it. so yeah.
  • 00:11:32: @calamitykate I would like that much better!
  • 00:14:59: @calamitykate I'm not sure coriander is good for cats... although that said, it's probably not terribly BAD for them.
  • 11:48:39: @jumblejim can I be a minion to both you and Misha?
  • 11:58:38: @calamitykate I'm pretty sure I heard a news story some years ago where someone confused the words "paediatrician" and "paedophile."
  • 11:59:38: @calamitykate they raised vigilantes against the poor innocent doctor. graffiti, rocks through windows... and THAT was just a mix-up.
  • 12:50:18: @calamitykate @msgracefh definitely. You can land yourself on that register by drunkenly pissing in public.
  • 12:52:20: @MsClara Oh dear. What's he done?
  • 15:20:54: @cazrolime because TV has no concept of conflict of interest.
  • 15:44:52: do you think if I demand the ice cream I paid for and never got last week, it'll be delivered to me for free?
  • 19:37:36: I kind of miss the Greg Sanders who would dance in the hallways wearing a giant showgirl headdress with peacock feathers. #csi
  • 21:11:33: @KathrynATaylor I've got no idea what he really looks like!
  • 21:44:11: @calamitykate what are you considering doing, if not politics?
  • 21:45:12: @viridian all the actors I knew at uni were indeed crazy. and most of them were on illegal drugs.
  • 21:58:01: @calamitykate oooh. I never had the maths skills to study it properly, but astrophysics is fascinating.
  • 23:11:54: @the_agoniste ICK.
  • 23:20:02: @nomnombrainz that's what Mixed Muses is for! :D

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