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From Twitter 07-30-2010 [Jul. 31st, 2010|03:01 am]
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  • 00:05:13: @djcati You crazy students and your ability to not sleep.
  • 00:05:39: RT @MarkRCameron: Old Spice Guy gets a movie with Jennifer Aniston:
  • 00:25:38: @ladyseraph ...are you drunk? *amused*
  • 19:42:07: Cold feeeeeet.
  • 19:45:32: @RichardCAdler Rick, how could you eat schwarma? You can't trust it.
  • 19:51:41: One day I will own a self-propelling robot. I don't care what it does, I just want one. And a Roomba.
  • 20:07:43: @RichardCAdler falafel and hummus, I agree. maybe you've been lucky with schwarma. over here it/doner is ground-up reformed meat.
  • 20:43:22: @SusanEsparza @moonlight69 which Spock? If it's Spock Prime from the movie, I'm there. Gravitas is sexy.
  • 21:24:06: @SusanEsparza Eh. Probably Ten, in that case. ZQ Spock is great, but not hot.
  • 22:45:39: @justshai it depends what kind of medical care. Men and women have the same vital organs, in the same places.
  • 22:46:09: @justshai and some might not want to be identified that way.
  • 23:04:38: @justshai see, I'd be inclined to think giving them a separate code would encourage or "validate" that kind of behaviour.
  • 23:05:44: @justshai surely better to code them as their gender of choice, with a list of drugs or anything else medically relevant available?

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