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From Twitter 07-28-2010 [Jul. 29th, 2010|03:01 am]
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  • 13:54:41: Oh, Ivy. *tears* Rest in peace, lovely. @ivybean104
  • 14:10:38: @benstweetssuck Civet coffee is just proof that rich people are all crazy.
  • 15:06:35: anyone out there take the Fortean Times and would be willing to pass on the latest issue to a bereft subscriber? The Royal Mail ate my copy
  • 16:52:06: @squeakattack if it's coming out blue, I think you should see a doctor ;)
  • 17:30:31: @calamitykate I'm holding them hostage until I get a Fortean Times and some ice cream. Sorry.
  • 19:32:42: the sky looks overcast and I feel... weird. I think it's going to rain.
  • 19:34:35: @J_Marcel It's John! Hi John! Remember me? We played cards in the pub and you guilted me into retracting my mean play on you.
  • 19:36:23: @amyalices Why didn't you tell me before that our mini-Fry was on Twitter?
  • 19:39:41: @amyalices I did! It was awesome. :D
  • 19:42:56: @amyalices I have no doubt at all. And he'll be the first principled one in about 200 years.
  • 19:54:39: @nomnombrainz if you can get a copy of the proof, show it to the sheriff. law enforcement don't appreciate being used for extortion.
  • 21:29:31: @cazrolime Caz, do you happen to read the Fortean Times? *hopeful*
  • 21:36:49: @bansidhe Shakespear used your mom jokes. Every story needs one!
  • 21:51:32: @nomnombrainz I THINK it means... if she won't give you a barrel of cheap drink for the full barrel's weight in corn, but charges money?
  • 21:52:32: @nomnombrainz which would presumably be overcharging. that's either a bad translation or missing cultural context.
  • 22:02:09: @nomnombrainz I think the same way you would cite any other web page?
  • 22:06:06: ...oh my God. There's an interactive learning game called "Wolverine of the X-Men Teaches Spelling Grades K-3". MUST OWN THIS.
  • 22:13:18: @nomnombrainz it's made by LeapFrog Enterprises... and appears to still be available for $25. Search "Wolverine" on their site.
  • 22:36:42: @cazrolime worth a try - I subscribe, but this month's issue seems to have got lost. ah well, I'll just have to find it elsewhere.
  • 23:06:18: Oh, Charlie Crews, I'd forgotten how much I love you. #life
  • 23:08:54: @ladyseraph heh. did she push it too far?
  • 23:10:03: @cazrolime I have looked, no exaggeration, in every newsagent in Southgate and Palmers Green. Tomorrow I'll try South Kensington.
  • 23:10:20: @TakenByTheWind he broke the murder victim!
  • 23:12:16: @RandomSpotlight hello! do I get to know why I deserve the honour? (also, please consider @calamitykate next)

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