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From Twitter 07-25-2010

  • 11:32:43: RT @NathanFillion: Heard Ryan Reynolds just recited oath to young GL fan. That's why Ryan is a hero.
  • 13:39:04: @ashes_and_mist I shall email you now!
  • 14:44:46: @ashes_and_mist Angelo is a great big liar.
  • 14:48:25: @ashes_and_mist if it comes back to you, say it later. :D
  • 14:54:49: @ashes_and_mist oh, there should totally be retaliation. Just let me know what and when and I shall run with it.
  • 15:00:33: @ashes_and_mist I should note that Angelo and Forge once dismantled a Volkswagen and rebuilt it in Marie's room. Anything goes in prank war
  • 16:13:53: Pizza on Demand, where is my ice cream? >:(
  • 16:18:12: @requiem2adream I'm not sure about Eva Longoria playing a character with the surname Van Dyne...
  • 16:27:14: @requiem2adream is she? Didn't know that.
  • 16:31:00: @requiem2adream I suppose even if her father's Dutch-descended, her mother could be anything.
  • 17:15:17: they forgot my ice cream and won't give me it until I next order. *grumpyface*
  • 18:08:15: I don't photograph well. I always come out with crazy eyes.
  • 18:10:09: Also, I was hiding a hotdog behind the man next to me.
  • 18:16:56: @cazrolime it is! I gave it to a little girl on the way home, but they were selling them in the park, I'm sure I can get another next year.
  • 19:06:26: aw, Mulder looks so SAD that Scully won't just get on a ten-hour flight to England with him on no notice. #xfiles
  • 19:40:22: I got the sudden urge yesterday to look into training as a vet nurse. So I am.
  • 20:28:21: @feliciaday please don't let Mr. Creepy give fans a bad name! Most of us would never ever do something like that.
  • 20:42:14: apparently some creep at SDCC asked for one of @feliciaday's hairs and outright told her he wanted to sell it. Ugh.
  • 20:49:03: @winternoir Watch what he does if you have a bubble bath. *grins*
  • 21:18:48: @nomnombrainz ...I would imagine it's either increased susceptibility or cold-like symptoms. if a med GIVES you a virus, something's off.
  • 23:04:40: ...well, as mood killers go, turning the light on to see a headless girl hanging from the light fixture is quite impressive. #csinewyork

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