psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

From Twitter 07-24-2010

  • 18:34:16: RT @ICHCheezburger VIDEO: Tortoise Helps Tortoise Animal altruism in action!
  • 18:38:55: @darthrami growing as fast as she is takes a lot of energy!
  • 19:13:17: Voiceover man, STOP SAYING "SQUIDS".
  • 19:20:58: @2Pallas have a giant charity basmati cookoff!
  • 20:04:10: Mulder, WHY do you have a slide show of mutilated cows cued up and ready to go in your office? #xfiles
  • 20:18:38: @squeakattack ....I'm hoping he's under two?
  • 20:23:27: @squeakattack that's what his dad gets for holding a just-fed baby near his ear!
  • 21:21:37: ...Flamingo Land, I did NOT just see black men in jungle savage outfits in your advert.
  • 21:39:35: Nooooo, Hurricane Higgins. D:
  • 22:15:21: mother would have KILLED me if I'd tried to goth my room out as much as this kid has. and called a doctor if I'd wanted to. #csi
  • 22:32:01: @ouija_sam ooooh. Is it a Roryfic?
  • 23:02:28: @nomnombrainz Battlestar Galactica. Or the X-Files.
  • 23:07:41: if standing with your arses pressed together is sex, I've known a LOT of people on the Tube better than I meant to. #sexlessons
  • 23:08:26: @nomnombrainz rewatch the last season? :D I'm very fond of the All Along the Watchtower scene.
  • 23:11:01: @nomnombrainz it's a FANTASTIC scene. Kara playing the piano, and it's a whole plot thing, and the orchestration rocks. McCreary is a god.
  • 23:15:20: @ashes_and_mist I'm around! if JP feels like talking.
  • 23:24:45: @nomnombrainz Oooh! Oooh! The Talons of Weng-Chiang! Yellowface make-up, murderous dummies, terrible giant rat effects and...
  • 23:25:48: @nomnombrainz ....Leela in Victorian dress. It's a classic, if you can get past '70s casual racism.
  • 23:35:55: @nomnombrainz The giant rat has to be seen to be believed. I love Classic Who and its shoestring budget.

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