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From Twitter 07-21-2010 [Jul. 22nd, 2010|03:01 am]
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  • 19:18:26: Dear Sharon and Francesca. Lucy is doing the gynae job now. I am not. Kindly do not take it on yourselves to give me gynae work.
  • 19:24:07: even if it's letters I typed that now need correcting and/or sending out. NOT MY JOB.
  • 19:32:54: "This extra-soft 8" x 7" plush comes with posable fallopian tubes". And a child safety warning that the ovaries may detach.
  • 19:33:23: I think I'm in love with this site.
  • 19:36:06: I just found my new collection. I exhausted the supply of different plushie Great Old Ones.
  • 19:40:01: @Kajivar :D!
  • 19:41:07: @Kajivar my favourites are Superhero Cthulhu (got two of him) and Secret Agent Cthulhu
  • 19:42:59: @InnerBrat I think I've got an iPod somewhere I don't use. want it?
  • 19:46:36: and in "why I actually do love my coworkers", Janice gave me soup and a sandwich and lent me £20 so I wouldn't live on tortillas for a week.
  • 20:21:22: @marcusbrig ....but why were your glasses on the floor?
  • 21:12:40: @creature57 No one's too old to drink in moderation!
  • 21:26:45: I am hereby banishing the sick little brats in Roehampton who set a rottweiler on fire and watched it die from the human race.
  • 21:29:55: *mutter* put THEM in a bin, cover them in petrol and set them on fire. see how THEY like it.

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