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From Twitter 07-17-2010 [Jul. 18th, 2010|03:01 am]
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  • 19:20:38: how am I supposed to call my sister on her birthday when she's changed her number without telling me AGAIN?
  • 19:39:16: @nomnombrainz You... could... use it as part of compost? #hasnoideareally #makingthingsup
  • 19:48:51: "She's Like The Wind" makes me cry now. I DID NOT APPROVE THIS HAPPENING.
  • 20:32:21: ...Knight and Day actually looks kind of fun. Seeing it doesn't count as giving money to Scientology, right?
  • 21:24:22: hm. hungry, but all I have in the house is custard creams and I've already eaten five. Can I be bothered to go out and find real food?
  • 21:26:26: "The drug dog smelled it, Peter." "But I took the drugs ou-" AHAHAHA MORON. #csimiami
  • 21:47:40: @havenward I really don't get how we went from the original Eastern European stories about walking corpses to Twilight. I blame Anne Rice.
  • 21:55:40: @havenward back then it was a *dangerous* sexuality, though. Not a sparkly virgin.
  • 22:17:07: @InnerBrat don't worry, usually I am. I'll even leave the flat tomorrow!
  • 22:17:55: @InnerBrat (also, I did have lunch. Six biscuits aren't the ONLY thing I've eaten all day.)
  • 22:32:56: @cansandstring not getting heat exhaustion is a good thing.
  • 22:57:38: @nomnombrainz there's very little I won't eat, and most of that is certain kinds of meat and very spicy food.
  • 22:58:16: @nomnombrainz I like Coke and Mediterranean food. And pizza, and mozzarella sticks. or really anything with cheese in it. And baklava.
  • 22:59:54: @nomnombrainz (as for the meats, it probably doesn't affect anything, but I don't eat horse or poultry with bones in.)
  • 23:00:35: @nomnombrainz also, not red beans or kidneys. I don't like the texture. but I try not to be picky.
  • 23:21:40: I will forever love this film just for the scene where the Palace of Westminster blows up to the 1812 Overture. #vforvendetta
  • 23:24:47: I saw the 1812 Overture performed live once, cannons and all, when I was still in single figures. most awe-inspiring experience of my life.
  • 23:35:36: @nomnombrainz as long as it's not leaving you short, excellent. :D also, do you happen to have that number yet?
  • 23:49:31: @nomnombrainz I can deal with one day, is okay. rent doesn't go out until next Sunday.
  • 23:54:15: @nomnombrainz yeah, email is definitely best and quickest.

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