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From Twitter 07-16-2010 [Jul. 17th, 2010|03:01 am]
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  • 00:33:14: ...I never realized summer pudding was so easy to make. *craves*
  • 00:55:09: "It's got legs, and that's important. If an animal doesn't have legs, the animal doesn't last." Thank you for that insight, Mr. Cow Expert
  • 00:57:22: also just spotted a tiny child in a cart being pulled by a large dog. I'd forgotten how weird county shows can be.
  • 21:21:36: ...are they using Twilight to advertise Volvos? AHHAHAHAHAHAHA.
  • 21:22:17: also, Ryan Reynolds in his Green Lantern getup looks disturbingly like Ben Stiller.
  • 22:42:24: @nomnombrainz hm?
  • 23:57:28: @nomnombrainz it was somewhere onna friendslist. I'll find a picture for you tomorrow.

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