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From Twitter 07-14-2010 [Jul. 15th, 2010|03:01 am]
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  • 18:53:25: @apiphile yeah, pretty much.
  • 18:55:17: @apiphile Jack-bashing is fun! He's also an awful boyfriend. Stupid obsession with Gwen.
  • 19:03:59: @apiphile I liked him when he first appeared. But Torchwood Jack... sorry, @rowanberries, but yeah. I like Owen better.
  • 19:10:09: @apiphile Now John is ENDLESS fun. :D with poodles.
  • 19:16:00: Emmanuel in Pret a Manger gave me a free lemonade because I'm apparently a regular. Yay!
  • 19:30:01: my cousin Daniel is now a father. God help that child.
  • 19:51:52: but who knows. maybe Dan will surprise me and NOT be the irresponsible smug skeevy bastard who hit on my little sister at a family party.
  • 21:12:15: @Kajivar I'd say "reopen", but there's sharks and sharks...
  • 21:15:26: if Heat makes your life worth living, your life is sad and pitiful.
  • 21:25:05: @Frito_KAL not heat. I need heat too. Heat is a celebrity gossip rag, the current tagline is "Heat makes life worth living" *pulls face*
  • 22:06:25: @ilikeautumn Best. Proposal. Ever.
  • 22:08:15: @agoodshinkickin Tweet them to yourself?
  • 22:13:02: @apiphile ....Derry as in the town from It?
  • 22:44:49: @amyamychan @OldSpice guy knows all.
  • 23:09:05: @calamitykate Go to bed, babe. You'll probably feel better after some sleep.
  • 23:52:00: @oldspice My friend wants you to say "Sweet Christmas" like Luke Cage. Please?

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