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From Twitter 07-11-2010 [Jul. 12th, 2010|03:01 am]
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  • 00:01:08: "Bulging Brides". Why do women subject themselves to this kind of thing in front of TV cameras?
  • 00:06:47: @apiphile I was very sad to see artwork on the cover of the Fortean Times, of all places, with a blonde blue-eyed Jesus.
  • 00:13:03: @justshai You'll only be a stalker if it comes OUT of your car. ;)
  • 00:20:36: @prix_etoile is Jean back from the dead AGAIN?
  • 00:22:42: @ilikeautumn screw B. go out and have fun on your own.
  • 00:53:10: @justshai does it help to remember no one will be focusing on you when it starts?
  • 01:08:11: @samburgler he was? as who?
  • 01:10:03: @justshai being an opening act for a better-known band must *suck*. Most of the audience won't even want you there.
  • 01:12:54: @samburgler *headtilt* The IRS agent? I haven't seen it in a while
  • 01:13:27: @samburgler I remember it as opening with Jay chasing down the alien
  • 12:13:03: @cazrolime You're better than me. I'll be walking it. Dressed as Zatanna Zatara.
  • 12:30:03: @cazrolime Probably. *grins* I still have to FIND a hat. but there's a costume shop behind the station.
  • 16:01:53: when I was at school and the summers got hot, we had little fans where you could fill the base with water to spray on yourself.
  • 16:02:41: I don't remember where they came from, but I could really use one of those today. *swelters*
  • 16:18:47: @prix_etoile I'm hot blooded. Heat without a countering breeze makes me miserable. :/ *eats ice*
  • 18:34:54: @parcae Your cramps are your mother's fault? *confused*
  • 19:20:21: I sort of want to go to sleep. but it's only twenty past seven.
  • 19:22:49: @calamitykate @msgracefh #kateisacyberman
  • 19:51:55: Scully has a big gun! and Mulder has very nice arms. #xfiles
  • 20:03:37: @djcati a Vader what now?
  • 20:07:09: @djcati nah, probably not going to see it.
  • 20:09:43: @djcati ahhhh. *grins*
  • 21:21:11: the coroner is SINGING the cause of death. they wrote that in just to humour the actor, didn't they? #csi
  • 21:34:53: @parcae there was an in-universe reason, to be fair. the corpse was a washed-up rock star.
  • 21:57:37: @nomnombrainz hee!
  • 22:05:00: @djcati an octopus called Paul in Germany has correctly predicted the winner of every World Cup game this year.
  • 22:05:21: @enelya don't cook the messenger!
  • 23:32:33: @cansandstring ....please tell me someone got drunk and thought that would be a funny joke.

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