psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

From Twitter 07-10-2010

  • 17:04:15: Rent is paid and I am broke because Ana's money still hasn't cleared, but it's paid. and I have biscuits. (and cheese, bread and cake).
  • 17:48:14: @msgracefh the octopus has correctly predicted the winner of every World Cup game so far.
  • 18:34:27: @calamitykate ...isn't your baby sister, like, 12?
  • 18:36:02: @calamitykate ah, I see. :) that makes more sense! and also is ridiculously cute.
  • 18:37:51: I... want an ice pop. and there is a mini-market over the road, so I shall go and get one.
  • 18:58:40: @calamitykate there's a CSI game? *shiny anime eyes*
  • 19:24:57: @justshai nah, everyone does that.
  • 20:00:32: eeee, Living Loves is showing the X-Files pilot. Haven't seen this in so long
  • 20:19:42: I saw that smile, Scully. You already had a crush!
  • 20:28:33: Oh, show. You were so awesome when you were new. (and my God, I was TWELVE.)
  • 20:31:11: @ashes_and_mist 1993.
  • 20:36:41: @ashes_and_mist also, the UST is BURNING here. in the very first episode, we have Scully in her underwear in Mulder's room.
  • 21:09:08: @djcati now I want to watch the All Along the Watchtower sequence again.
  • 21:21:53: @havenward @rowanberries' kitten once scared the hell out of me by flinging herself at a window after the moving branch outside. I love cats
  • 21:24:15: @havenward seriously! tiny black blur flies past my head and then there's a kitten flattened on the window. I had to check her health! ;)
  • 21:50:18: @cazrolime "clock", I suspect.
  • 23:52:20: the woman in the Halifax "Ice Ice Baby" ad has scary mad eyes.

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