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From Twitter 07-09-2010 [Jul. 10th, 2010|03:01 am]
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  • 19:27:00: Dammit, Paypal, give me my money.
  • 19:30:21: @Frito_KAL Jokes can be when the money appears from the ether it's been in for two to three days so I can PAY MY RENT. >:(
  • 19:56:30: @forteantimes Can I work for you on weekends even if I'm not a student?
  • 20:00:05: @calamitykate I accidentally once announced "I love Lucifer!" Very loudly. In the middle of Leicester Square. I meant the comic, honest.
  • 20:00:42: @nomnombrainz Yay!
  • 20:16:16: You know, I should really do something with my mother's valiant attempts to teach me to cook things that aren't pasta.
  • 20:19:39: @nomnombrainz I suspect the problem is that exactly 48/72 hours after I withdrew it is after 6.30 so it won't show up. maybe tomorrow.
  • 21:00:05: @nomnombrainz that'll be good. :) worst case here is the agency will have to wait until Monday. Probably.
  • 21:16:10: @darthrami *hugs*?
  • 21:31:56: MoneySupermarket, while I like Omid Djalili, that character is incredibly annoying and breaking things upsets me. I'll use
  • 21:45:30: @InnerBrat *giggles* I'm guessing she's toddler-sized.
  • 21:52:34: @agoodshinkickin if I was going, I'd so dress up as Zatanna or Columbia and loiter where they are. Dancing. And posing for pictures.
  • 21:55:38: @agoodshinkickin ah, I see your point.
  • 21:57:18: I want to watch #ladyhawke again.
  • 22:00:43: @djcati I have cake.
  • 22:04:41: @djcati I know! Teleporters should totally exist already.
  • 22:08:09: @starletfallen apparently one group are planning to dress as fictional villains and make their "support" felt.
  • 22:22:07: @Kajivar it's one of those ones you'd think would be cheesy and awful, but it surprises you.
  • 22:24:21: @rushindoll yep. *grins* and it has baby Broderick!
  • 22:59:42: you know it's hot when I put an ice cube in my mouth and it breaks into pieces.
  • 23:53:50: @pixieodeath sorry if the Cammie-Jan-Kurt thing upset Yvette

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