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From Twitter 07-05-2010 [Jul. 6th, 2010|03:01 am]
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  • 00:03:48: oh, tomorrow is so not going to be fun. Guess who gets to wade through Sweet but Useless Francesca's backlog of work.
  • 00:11:49: @havenward Hey soul sister, ain't that Mister Mister on the radio, stereo, the way you move ain't fair you know... *typing from memory*
  • 16:03:45: Dear work in-house system. An hour from the end of the day when I have a vast inherited backlog is NOT THE TIME TO BREAK DOWN. I will cry.
  • 19:13:04: RT @cleolinda: RT @Maudelynn: AMBER ALERT! Edmonton, KY little girl, 3 yrs old picked up by man driving grey car, license plate Quebec 7 ...
  • 19:37:58: @ilikeautumn I'd do it. if you don't need it you can leave it off, and better to have it available than suffer.
  • 19:53:30: @splash_of_blue I don't have the spoons to care about anything outside my own life right now, unless it's dying children.
  • 20:51:23: I remember being the kind of person who'd take on a cause and fight for it. Now just listening to those people exhausts me. :/
  • 21:34:45: @calamitykate ???
  • 21:38:06: @calamitykate Ah. :/ *hugs*
  • 22:08:14: best thing about today was the tiny adorable Filipino child on the Tube home. Even trying to chew my fingers and drooling on my hand, CUTE.
  • 22:38:41: @justshai I want cucumbers...
  • 22:40:52: @justshai O.o what kind of cucumber do YOU grow?
  • 22:43:41: @justshai but... long and green and 90% water? no prickly bits?
  • 22:45:10: @justshai heh.

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