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From Twitter 07-04-2010 [Jul. 5th, 2010|03:01 am]
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  • 11:17:14: @Nystana I'd LOVE to see that, but I'm not sure the BBC could afford him anymore...
  • 13:30:21: @splash_of_blue I think I can guess what kind of shop. although they don't usually do beds...
  • 17:32:57: @samburgler I'd totally hit that.
  • 17:50:11: @splash_of_blue I went there as a child. and they were advertising for a "witch" to live there and scare the tourists, a while back.
  • 19:11:29: @samanthajferris Wishful thinking! I loved Ellen and Jo.
  • 19:44:46: it's gone cold. alas.
  • 20:17:35: @prix_etoile it sounds better when you think of it as two months...
  • 20:18:41: @prix_etoile also, are we still doing Head!Six and Head!Baltar for cosplay? (no pressure, I'll be him either way)
  • 20:26:25: @prix_etoile don't worry if you can't, although I recall you already have/had a red dress. ;) I'm okay as a single act.
  • 20:47:28: I totally did not just go to flop on my bed and hit my head on the wall.
  • 20:55:59: @splash_of_blue it's also been a nursing home and psychiatric clinic. I understand the castle itself is quite nice.
  • 21:19:24: @ratbanjos you DM Arnold Schwarzenegger?
  • 21:43:21: oh, CSI. You expect us to believe a freshly done tattoo would be that sharp and clean?
  • 22:23:17: @weaverandom I love you for bringing that account to my attention.
  • 22:25:13: @benstweetssuck hi! Miche sent me. and everyone else who I'm sure will be following you shortly. :D
  • 22:30:20: one of these days I will lure my sister onto Twitter. Or find out her username.
  • 22:36:00: @sydk because Hocus Pocus is awesome!
  • 23:40:45: @viridian Poor Topher. Could neighbour kitty be let in, or is he on quarantine?
  • 23:42:19: @havenward well... we didn't want your country anyway! :P

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