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From Twitter 07-03-2010 [Jul. 4th, 2010|03:01 am]
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  • 00:06:32: @parcae *clings*
  • 00:20:32: @Frito_KAL why was a cow licking you?
  • 18:02:08: dear spam moron. I DIDN'T JOIN FLICKR.
  • 18:21:35: @ashes_and_mist Can I borrow some of it? *looks sadly at her own bank account*
  • 18:31:05: I would like to know why there were teenagers screaming in the car park at 5am.
  • 19:27:31: wow, my old phone is so crap even Envirofone and Mazuma won't give me money for it. :/
  • 19:38:41: @ashes_and_mist I was mostly joking anyway. Enjoy your lack of explosions!
  • 20:42:32: RT @warrenellis: You know what'd make this game more interesting? Insist that the losers have to lick Mick Jagger.
  • 20:53:18: *mad giggling* Oh, I'd forgotten how I loved Kutner. #house
  • 20:55:22: @requiem2adream I can't go near any cons until D*C, if that. my finances are broken.
  • 20:59:48: @djcati He got me yesterday. *huddles in terrified solidarity*
  • 21:30:14: @darthrami Your family is awesome. and we will require pictures of Noel splashing about!
  • 22:01:13: @Heartsib it gets worse. it's not just lesbianism she's out to prevent, it's an "unnatural" disinterest in dolls and babies and... [c]
  • 22:02:43: @Heartsib lack of desire to be a mother, as well as being interested in "overly masculine careers". Hello, Victorian era!
  • 22:31:15: much are the premiums for BUPA insurance? No one offered ME hot chocolate in hospital. *sadface*
  • 23:17:14: @parcae YES.
  • 23:28:47: @parcae I haven't quite dared follow him back.

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