psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

From Twitter 06-27-2010

  • 10:05:05: @bobbyllew Because you are a 'C' word. (you being the driver)
  • 12:01:05: I am watching Murder She Wrote and I'm not ashamed to admit it.
  • 12:02:40: @havenward @innerbrat never let me watch it in the old flat.
  • 12:39:33: @oldhauntsauthor Haricots. :)
  • 15:46:51: @calamitykate She's right, though. You should!
  • 16:22:58: there's a spider with horrible long legs hanging out by my washing machine. I don't want to kill it, I just want it to not be there. :/
  • 16:25:40: @samburgler there probably IS a vuvuzela club remix by now
  • 16:43:56: @GailSimone I've always enjoyed them. Except the time I had to punch someone in the face for being a thieving bastard bully.
  • 19:03:29: seriously, why is Doctor Who the first I've ever heard of Arthur Darvill? He's amazing. #doctorwho #arthurdarvill
  • 19:09:55: @RichardCAdler agreed! I hope he and Karen Gillan come back next year.
  • 19:22:47: @alydenisof You're not allowed to root for Germany now! I bet Alexis would say so too.
  • 19:32:22: @Frito_KAL dry it and make your own tea? Mojito cupcakes?
  • 19:56:31: @InnerBrat you said I wasn't allowed when you were in. to be fair, there was usually something better on.
  • 19:58:11: @InnerBrat *shrugs* it was quite a while ago and I didn't mind that much.
  • 20:17:43: @krisis *blink* their bathroom has windows you can see in? Never seen one without obscuring glass before.
  • 21:13:07: I think it's time to stop playing the Carlsberg team talk advert now, TV people.
  • 21:29:38: okay, I NEED to have that prog rock compilation.
  • 21:49:19: I'm sorry, Sir Bobby. We'll do better next time. #worldcup
  • 22:06:14: @sephirajo Japanese pop culture is WEIRD.
  • 22:09:47: have figured out the spider lives in the gap between the washing machine and the wall. fine, if it would either stay there or be caught.
  • 23:36:13: #fucktheblackbloc and on that note, I'm going to bed.

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