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From Twitter 06-26-2010

  • 18:09:23: @jazaay I was watching his very first episode. so young!
  • 18:14:25: WHAT. How...? precreditsdoctorwho
  • 18:18:16: *APPLAUSE* #doctorwho
  • 18:32:04: Doctor: "It's a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool." River: *snatches, throws and SHOOTS the fez* AHAHAHAHA.
  • 18:48:56: oh. oh. *sniffles* #doctorwho
  • 19:00:41: *CLAP CLAP CLAP BOUNCE* #doctorwhomakeskatehappyagain
  • 20:29:25: @ashes_and_mist if your guys lose to Ghana, of all people, I will laugh and laugh and laugh. (and try to forget our failure to beat Algeria)
  • 20:44:38: @splash_of_blue only quote I gave was not spoilerish of anything remotely important if you saw last week's. Or the trailer the week before.
  • 20:45:24: @splash_of_blue the way I hear USA are playing, you may well get your wish.
  • 21:03:46: @ironicsegue Absolutely.
  • 21:24:54: I want to do a plot involving Angelo and santeria. My research suggests he'd already be very familiar with it. #xprpg
  • 21:27:39: @ashes_and_mist Yay!
  • 21:32:55: I'm thinking it's something X-Force or Morgan's agency discover, and Angelo gets involved as an expert helper.
  • 21:34:29: @Frito_KAL apparently it's common among Latino immigrants, especially Mexican. I think the spirits were originally Carib, though.
  • 21:39:57: @Frito_KAL Got it :) Seems a lot of practitioners would even define themselves as good Catholics who just honour the spirits as well.
  • 21:49:48: @calamitykate HD really takes up ten times the space? thanks for the warning.
  • 22:06:06: *sigh* speaking as someone who has in the past peacefully demonstrated on globalisation, I don't want the people in Toronto on my side.
  • 22:09:50: @Frito_KAL yep :) and would probably know the basics of what means what.
  • 22:14:33: @Frito_KAL I now have the image of Mama Lupe being his source, to Doug's O.o face. Complete with her own natita.
  • 22:16:06: @Frito_KAL *beams* And Angelo knows what she does in the back room, where Doug has never been, and has quite possibly participated.
  • 22:17:43: @Frito_KAL *nods enthusiastically* Oh, I so have to do this now.
  • 22:39:26: *cackles manically over plotting with Frito*
  • 23:53:14: @priscellie I seriously clapped and bounced on my bed like a toddler at the end.
  • 23:55:03: @priscellie also applauded when you-know-who punched the Doctor.

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