psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

From Twitter 06-20-2010

  • 00:02:17: @gypsyjr I totally called what the box was made to hold. But not like that!
  • 12:31:20: @viridian don't you hate it when you want to lie in but you're wide awake?
  • 12:38:05: elephant seals are the most ridiculous looking creatures. but I wouldn't want to be in the middle of that fight.
  • 15:44:35: @sephirajo Jo, darling, unfollowing you until my feed stops being filled with WOW autotweets. ping me when you're done.
  • 16:16:32: @prix_etoile it does grow on trees ;)
  • 17:13:19: *stares in horror* why did I just see an advert for a Christmas catalogue? it's JUNE.
  • 18:06:30: @parcae sadly, yes.
  • 18:56:13: going to watch Doctor Who again. Kleenex time!
  • 19:28:50: the Doctor poking [character name redacted] in the chest to check for reality will never not be funny.
  • 19:32:33: @gypsyjr "I died and came back as a Roman. It's very distracting."
  • 19:56:00: Nicholas Briggs, how DO you do that voice? Even before mechanical tampering...
  • 20:06:46: @starletfallen Didn't Disney already do Rapunzel, years ago?
  • 20:08:00: @starletfallen oh, that plot summary is lolarious.
  • 20:50:30: @krisis they've always seemed really good guys when I've visited their stall at cons :)
  • 21:03:14: @cansandstring furniture is expensive, yes. but at least once it's bought, you're set for the foreseeable future
  • 21:08:18: @cansandstring eeesh. maybe you can get some second-hand, or pay by installments?
  • 22:03:03: @cansandstring I know! When you compare him to the chubby little boy he was in the first movie...
  • 22:15:35: anyone find it ironic that Virginia Dare's name is used for anti-immigration when her parents were among the first American immigrants?
  • 22:36:12: RT @edgarwright: It's official. Me, @steveagee and @simonpegg will have sex with each other and watch Scott Pilgrim at the same time. Au ...
  • 22:37:49: @cansandstring I met him at a con somewhere and he got all flustered because (I think) Nathan Fillion wanted his autograph. It was so cute.
  • 22:45:55: @Frito_KAL totally agreed. :D And young Mr. Lewis told me the Nagini CMOA WILL be in the films.
  • 22:48:29: @ilikeautumn ...yeah, I'd pretty much be screaming too.
  • 22:49:04: @ilikeautumn ...Master?
  • 23:19:10: @Frito_KAL it's a perfectly reasonable hour there for bacon. :D
  • 23:23:40: @splash_of_blue fingers crossed, she never will be.

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