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From Twitter 06-16-2010 [Jun. 17th, 2010|03:01 am]
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  • 19:14:24: @Kajivar More like "We want our movie NOT to be illegal for our fan demographic to watch", I think.
  • 20:44:24: someone in a car outside is blasting "Poker Face" so loud I can make out the words from inside my flat.
  • 21:24:27: @calamitykate POKER FAAAAACE
  • 21:26:45: @calamitykate *grins* I do like a musician with a sense of showmanship.
  • 21:31:29: Billy Joel, why ANOTHER Best Of with the same songs on it but a different name?
  • 21:45:54: @rymenhild has anyone pointed out the existence of infertility to him?
  • 23:08:53: If Pat can't tell vegetables from mail when it's loose in his hands, he has more problems than bad vision. #specsavers
  • 23:28:50: @hilarity people DO put non-Milliways-related posts in Mixed Muses. I think it's just that the format is familiar to many and convenient.

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