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From Twitter 06-14-2010

  • 00:06:20: @sephirajo but which version? (note: I will make D: face at you if you prefer Depp/Burton.)
  • 00:47:19: @sephirajo yeah, Wilder is the definitive version for me. Watched it every Christmas for twenty years.
  • 01:09:07: @ashes_and_mist ...I have the sudden desire to see Parker from Leverage get a baby dumped on her.
  • 01:46:34: @djcati You... you mean there are people who don't like the original trilogy?
  • 01:52:53: @djcati @splash_of_blue Cati, I think someone is asking to be sat on and shown the error of her ways.
  • 18:59:04: Natalie: These people care about me! Angelo: That so? HA HA BITCH YOU MY HOSTAGE NOW. #xproject
  • 19:13:50: @splash_of_blue I'm taking your geek card away. You can no longer be one of us.
  • 20:01:05: RT @neilhimself: In new York area? Come see me, @Joe_hill & others read from and talk about STORIES tomorrow evening. (Google "where's n ...
  • 20:33:18: @calamitykate you sound like my sister. What did you do to it?
  • 20:42:39: @calamitykate eeep! hopefully the shop will be able to fix it.
  • 20:52:56: @Kajivar I'm not convinced he LOVED any of them. sexual desire for some, political convenience for others, but not love.
  • 21:00:33: @Kajivar @machinedreams Even his mourning for Jane Seymour I think was part affection, mostly losing the woman who FINALLY gave him a son.
  • 21:09:54: @Kajivar sadly for him, the three he got all died childless.
  • 21:24:30: @bluejeanbabie I love that Spike utterly kicks Wood's ass when he decides to fight back.
  • 21:59:18: @gypsyjr Monday hates everybody.
  • 22:03:18: *giggles madly* Hastings pushing a suspect in the river just for being a terrible person! Poirot facing down a cat! <3 #poirot
  • 22:14:22: @InnerBrat too clean? *intends to watch later*
  • 23:23:02: @Frito_KAL yeah, it totally does. I love Quinto's inflection.
  • 23:28:42: @Frito_KAL it should be a law of the universe. "Thou shalt not make comments about Spock's mother, or the consequences are your own fault."

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