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From Twitter 06-11-2010 [Jun. 12th, 2010|03:01 am]
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  • 18:53:46: @RichardCAdler I spent my teenage years either hiding in the school library or playing cards with my fellow outcasts.
  • 18:55:52: @djcati ...where are you, again? I haven't seen Mountain Dew outside America in yeeeeears.
  • 19:31:45: @Kajivar oh, the "pastedonyay" thing! one of the classics.
  • 19:32:34:, spam mail claiming to be from Western Union, I really doubt someone in Benin is trying to send me money. Seeing as I KNOW no one.
  • 19:42:28: @Frito_KAL @technophobia If it helps, I like the thing that got bitched about.
  • 19:49:51: @Technophobia remind me when your birthday is?
  • 19:52:09: @Technophobia I shall save up and do something.
  • 20:06:48: If I ever see a certain someone again, I will PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE.
  • 20:39:53: @sephirajo Ping me and I'll explain.
  • 20:46:06: @InnerBrat yeah, just getting reminded someone I considered a friend is batshit insane. he's been getting into people's email and LJs.
  • 22:07:28: @lauriepink I'm not sure they CAN turn the oil off, now the well's open.
  • 22:11:55: @lauriepink otherwise, you're right, it would be the logical solution.
  • 22:13:30: @mtignor I want one!
  • 23:07:08: @2Pallas don't give in to her. make sure fresh bowl water is available, but nothing else. when she gets thirsty enough, she'll drink it.
  • 23:28:28: why do I own three swimsuits when I never go swimming?

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