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From Twitter 06-06-2010 [Jun. 7th, 2010|03:01 am]
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  • 01:13:04: thanks for all the birthday wishes, Twitfolks!
  • 21:12:00: I'm going to start taking a tape recorder with me when I see my grandpa. Today I got a long story about how he invented emulsion paint.
  • 21:38:04: @wilw Uh-oh. What did they do? Not that I drive, but I could spread the word.
  • 22:24:45: RT @havenward: So from what I understand, #Splice, despite being advertised as a horror movie, has a lot of rape and incest triggers.
  • 22:29:05: @havenward I don't often watch gory horror movies anyway, but I thought that warning was worth passing on for others' sake.
  • 23:32:28: @zeppelining_you I would, but it only works against stomach bugs. The respiratory part is busted.
  • 23:57:14: @zeppelining_you depends if the degrees are relevant to the job, I'd think. Though I can't see how it could look really bad.
  • 23:59:49: @samanthajferris aw, but her SPN episode was awesome comedy.

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