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From Twitter 06-05-2010 [Jun. 6th, 2010|03:01 am]
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  • 00:01:04: oh, look, it's midnight. Hello, 29th birthday.
  • 00:04:22: @Frito_KAL *laughs* Maybe. I was considering not, but I have to build furniture tomorrow.
  • 00:30:05: @ilikeautumn When I rule the world, it will be illegal to equate Christianity with condemnatory holier-than-thouness.
  • 00:52:04: @Whspr2AScrm13 I'm pretty sure it was Pattinson who got pushed into (slow)-moving traffic by some girls mobbing him.
  • 15:17:18: I have successfully achieved TV and internet. My living room/bedroom is full of boxes and half-built furniture, but I feel this will do.
  • 15:22:52: @weaverandom I suggest checking out burntcopper's stories. She does wondrous things with the boys in the army post-Narnia.
  • 17:01:10: pouring rain = Kate not going anywhere. @innerbrat, please tell Izzy I'll come over to clean my room and return the keys tomorrow.
  • 18:13:02: this desk is kicking my ass.
  • 19:05:52: screw it, my hands are covered in blood and blisters and sawdust. no more trying to build a desk, I'll hire someone who knows how.
  • 19:55:00: @crazinessinc do you mean birth order in terms of the relationship between siblings? I was HORRIBLE to my little sister when we were kids.
  • 20:59:37: @jumblejim I'm also quite fond of the way American restaurants keep you supplied with free ice water. no one does that here.
  • 21:08:57: @havenward yeah, my reading of Iron Man is that Stark is basically Batman without the childhood trauma.
  • 21:10:41: @havenward and his alcoholism is less from Issues, more from an ageing party boy trying to still keep up.
  • 21:39:29: dammit, reflux again and WHERE are my antacids? somewhere in the mass of stuff in the middle of this room.
  • 22:00:19: I have my very own wireless network now. I call it Marvin.
  • 22:16:17: La-Z-Boy do a chair with a little fridge compartment in the arm. I'm torn between WTF and "cool!"
  • 22:42:36: @TakenByTheWind is Ivan even ON the list? I fear to look.
  • 22:48:06: Funny how a birthday brings schoolfriends I haven't spoken to in years out of the woodwork, to drop their obligatory two-word message. *wry*

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Date:June 6th, 2010 - 02:56 am
Happy birthday!