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From Twitter 06-03-2010 [Jun. 4th, 2010|03:01 am]
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  • 00:04:03: @havenward How did I not know she was on Twitter? *instafollow*
  • 00:14:22: I want one of those motorbike things that are just one big wheel you sit in.
  • 19:16:34: One of my best memories: a museum in Cyprus, displaying ancient Roman mosaics. a nest of baby swallows, right above one of the mosaics.
  • 19:17:49: and instead of removing the nest and risking hurting the babies, the museum staff just protected the mosaic by putting down paper.
  • 19:18:00: sometimes people are great.
  • 20:49:00: @longshotauthor but we like the Twitterspam!
  • 21:00:57: they're doing it again. :( Boys, and singular girl I can hear out there, MUST you kick your ball against the mesh?
  • 22:29:38: yay, got accepted for credit on my lovely DFS couch set. couch and chair and storage pouffe. :D
  • 22:59:57: @calamitykate I haven't forgiven him yet for The Wicker Man.
  • 23:12:36: @Frito_KAL O.o
  • 23:15:30: @Frito_KAL But... but... where do they even get that from? I don't understand...
  • 23:17:22: today my co-worker told me I only thought it was common sense not to leave a naked pre-mobile baby in the blazing sun because I'm educated.
  • 23:18:15: Surely that's the kind of thing anyone with basic intelligence knows you shouldn't do?
  • 23:19:16: @Frito_KAL some idiot woman actually DID exactly that on Brighton beach when it got really hot last weekend. it was in the news.

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